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        Following below is a archive of prophetic words I have received since 1994.  Prophecies given to God's people today are not meant to hold the same weight of authority as God's Holy Scriptures, which are the canon of the Holy Bible.  When God gives us prophecies for today, they are given to us to inspire, direct, exhort, encourage, warn, confirm, and affirm what He has already said or will soon do in our lives.  They are not a stand alone "Word from God."  They must be weighed with discernment and the Holy Bible and tested by mature, Spirit-led believers.  If they are not, prophecies can become a form of manipulation, condemnation, flattery, or even witchcraft and sorcery.  Humility with boldness in Christ is always a key to a healthy prophetic gift.

        When I receive prophetically inspirational "words" like these, below, I usually get them during the early morning hours.  I don't get them often, but I don't contrive them either.  They revive and bring revelation, in a timely manner, to truths I've already learned by God's Holy Bible and His Holy Spirit working together in my life.  But they shed new light and revelation to my spirit (Ephesians 1:18).  I've only included prophecies on this web page that are generic and widely visionary.  All personally directed prophecies have been withheld to respect the privacy of those that were meant to hear them alone.

        If by reading any of these prophecies, God confirms His truth and inspires you to greater awareness of His presence and will, I am blessed only deeper.  I was brought up in a community Bible Church in Wheaton, Illinois.  My dad was ordained by the Conservative Baptist denomination, and my mom was brought up in a pastor's home in the Lutheran Brethren denomination.  I am fully aware of the ways that "the prophetic" can be used.  I do not claim to be a prophet, I only share what I sense that God has poured into me.  Sometimes, it takes me awhile and some prayer to understand what I write down in times of inspiration, but I believe God is speaking to and through me, as He confirms His presence and words to me daily.  May God bless you as you test and learn from the things that are recorded below...

              1994 Prophecies

                    September 14  -  Afflicted City

              1995 Prophecies

                    January  -  Prayer For The American Church

                    July 9  -  The Christian Music Industry

              1996 Prophecies

                    November 5  -  The American Church

                    November 10  -  Vision of the American Church

              1997 Prophecies

                    April 23  -  The Blind Baby

                    December 27  -  Vision of the Bitter Root

              1998 Prophecies

                    July 28  -  Word to Nashville, Tennessee

                    August 5  -  The Corn Husk

              1999 Prophecies

                    January 14  -  Spiritual Avalanches

                    February 21  -  The Goblet

                    March 22  -  Rain On Your Vineyards

                    June 26  -  A Shepherding Church

              2001 Prophecies

                    January  -  A Pregnancy of Revival

                    June 7  -  His Glory

              2002 Prophecies

                    June 26  -  Rise Up, Woman of God

                    August 25  -  False Faces

                    September 8  -  The Coming Blast

              2003 Prophecies

                    March 6  -  Shaking of Foundations

                    December 23  -  Instructions to Believers

              2004 Prophecies

                    January  -  Christian Leaders

                    January  -  Belly of the Earth

                    February  -  Simmered into a Boil

                    March 24  -  They Abandoned The Fear of the Lord

                    July 24  -  The Bones

                    September 4  -  Turning of the Face

                    October 13  -  Over & Over Again

                    November 3  -  The Storm, The Mighty Storm

              2005 Prophecies

                    May 26  -  See Saw, See Saw

                    September 19  -  The Lion Has Roared

                    September 28  -  She is Hot for Him

                    October 29  -  Enraptured

              2008 Prophecies

                    May 27  -  A New Era

                    June 13  -  I Hear a Sound

                    July 15  -  Chariots & Horses Will Fall

                    November 20  -  Persecution is Coming

                    December 29  -  A New Day is Coming

              2009 Prophecies

                    February 19  -  Seeing the Seeking

                    August 25  -  Prophecy to America

                    November 9  -  To My Bride

                    November 9  -  New York


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