The Corn Husk

August 5, 1998



        I sensed deep in my spirit all night long that God was preparing to deliver women in the church.  You have been bound by bitterness and/or fearů even captive to a sense of inadequacy and unworthiness to do what your heart and spirit know is a calling to ministry in your life.


        God wants to release you into your ministry calling.  As your humility in Christ deepens, so will your boldness increase.  As your repentance is deep and real, God will set you free from those things that have tortured you.


        As you forgive and begin to generously give, you will gain freedom to minister as God intended.  As you humble yourself, God will lift you up.


        I see God peeling layer upon layer of self-sufficiency and fleshly works off of you just like a corn husk as you peel away the outer layers to prepare it for it's usefulness for nutrition and food.  Deliverance can expose hidden inner layers of our ungodly character and even occasionally infested areas where God's Word has not reached and cleansed.  But the final result of the washing of the Word is fruitfulness.


        Freedom and blessing is what deliverance will bring.  Release to minister powerfully, and purity will come with itů without the fear of man.



copyright 1998 Heart For The World, Inc.