A New Era

(May 27, 2008)



        A new era will soon begin.


        The disguised "unification of the world" will set the stage for the anti-Christ.  Much of the church has been anesthetized by "peer-pressure" and will struggle to remain the salt of the earth.  Persecution of true and vibrant believers will mark this end-time "unity" as they won't bow to "bail"! Selah!


        Many will be sucked into heresy and a counterfeit spirit sent to confuse the elect.  But the "overcomers" are as bright as the sun and will shine like stars in the heavens.  They will be the trophy of God and will bring great glory to the Lord before the heavenly hosts!  None can withstand God's approval toward them as they hold the crown of life and will walk humbly in His presence for eternity.


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