The American Church

November 5, 1996



        How many times I have tried to get your attention.  How many times I have wept over your harlotries.  You have brazenly accepted the tempting delicacies that lay before you on a platter and your faltering has blinded you. You gladly accepted my gifts to you, but you turned around like an adulterer and gave them over to prostitutes.  You used my blessings for selfish ambition and turned to every idol and lover you thought you wanted.


        You patterned yourself after the pagans whom you lusted after and have provoked my jealousy by the idols of your hearts.  You used my name to bring glory to YOU and used MY sanctuary for selfish gain.  You have brought reproach to my name.  You have yoked yourself with those who oppose me and righteousness and justice, and have become just like them.  Just as I promised, it has become a snare to you.


        You have been arrogant and not teachable. You are irreverent and complacent.  You lost your desire for me because of your wandering and willingness to be caught into the lusts of your flesh and the world.  You have made yourselves gods and have forgotten that your creator directs your steps.  You have exalted sinners for your own benefit and oppressed and even killed the innocent and needy.


        How I have tried to get your attention, but you would not listen.  How I have warned you again and again to circumcise your hearts and consecrate yourselves to me.  How I have longed for fellowship with you.  How I have longed for you to hear what's on my heart and in my mind.  How I have longed to bless you and give you and your nation a good future.  But you would not listen or look at me.


        You have exchanged my glory for things that will perish and have scoffed at those few who truly DO seek me.  You have exalted those who are not holy and have disheartened those who are.  You close your eyes to the unclean and say it makes no difference.


        You destroy the effect of my laws by changing their meanings.  And you do not even deny yourselves for one day, holy and set apart to me.


        How weak-willed you are.  You broke off your yoke and tore off your bonds and you lay down as a prostitute, setting up your own idols.  You sniff the wind in your cravings and say, "I can't help it."


        You gave up our love affair and abandoned your first love.  You turned, distracted, to the right and left and forgot to seek me and wait for my counsel, which is good and perfect and is for your own sake.  You have returned to me, but only in pretense, not with ALL your heart.


        You are deceived!  You believe you are righteous and fulfilled, but you will see where your ways will lead you. 


        Return to the Lord your God with all your heart, soul mind and strength.  Seek me, and I WILL be found by you.  Repent, consecrate your heart and turn from your own ways.


        You are naked and pitiful.  You have become a byword.  You have defiled even yourself and have exposed your nakedness to your lovers and now they have turned against you on every side.


        Remove the adulterous look from your face and the unfaithfulness from between your breasts and I will remove my hand of judgment.  No longer will you desire your idols and lovers, and my blessings will return and I will speak to the earth and call out the fruit and rebuke the curses and devouring Spirits you have invoked on yourselves.

        And once again all the nations of the world will know that I am the Lord your God, the God of ALL Gods, and none go before me!

copyright 1996 Heart For The World, Inc.