A Shepherding Church

(name of church undisclosed)

June 26, 1999



        From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, yes, the whole of your body needs healing.  Cry out for your healing and you will be healed.  For if the Lord heals you, you will be healed.  But it imprisons you!  It entangles you and blinds you.  It stunts your growth from the top, yes the tippie top of your head and down. 


        Young birds feed from adult birds.  Young birds fly when they are made to.  To coddle is to kill the glory of God in man.  To set free is God's honor.  Fear is bondage.  Distrust is not love.  Pride is bondage, too.  Love begets love.


        Love begets love.  Fear Begets fear.  Distrust sows hatred... and division.


        Put away fear.  Put away pride.  Stomp on it and set your prisoners free.


        You hold on to your heart to protect it.  You need the garden and the cross.  To sweat blood & to give & give & entrust yourself to God.  Let Him love you and heal you by His mighty power.


        Human parents must let go of adult children or their emotional growth will be stunted.


        Spiritual parents must let go of spiritually adult children or their relationship to God will be hindered and growth will be stunted.

        Mature adult children go to parents for wisdom and advice.  Mature spiritual adult children go to spiritual parents for wisdom, advice and confirmation of the Father's voice when they feel the need.  Set yourself free to respond to the Father's love and do what is right.  You need Him.  You depend on Him.  He is your source, strength, and counsel.  Put away pride & the fear of man.  Set each other free.  Respond to the Father.  Call no one Father but your heavenly one!  Please God. 

        He alone is the head of the church.  Unify yourselves with the whole body of Christ in your city.  Embrace it.  Fear & pride cripple.  Love gives freedom & defers.  Give God the pain you cover up.  Let Him bind up the wounds that make you control others.  God's plan & future for you is good!  Not bad!  But you must release the fear & pride that binds you to receive it.  The church belongs to GodWe are His body & He is our head.  Listen to Him.  All of you.


copyright 1999 Heart For The World, Inc.