Over & Over Again

(October 13, 2004)


(It seemed to me when receiving this that it was to America and the resistant church within her borders...)


Over and over again I have pleaded with you.  Yes, even my own people, my very own children, bought with my blood, and you have not heard.


Time and time again I have cried.  I have cried out, even to my very own flesh and blood, but my words have fallen on deaf ears... ears that can not hear.  Ears that have been stopped up like a child saying, "I cannot hear you."  Plugging your ears with your fingers and closing your eyes, hoping I would go away... and that my words were not true.


Your hearts are far from me, though with your lips you praise me.  You have plugged your ears shut and closed your eyes tight and said, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, I'm not listening."  Because you didn't want to know the truth that would cost you your life.


Therefore, darkness is coming upon your land.  A cloud will billow over you and blind you, so you can't see, even if you wanted to.  A siren will sound that will deafen you and break your ear drums so that you can't hear, even if you tried.


Over and over again I have held up the sword that gives you freedom, and over and over again, you have rejected it.  You have spit on it and turned away to follow your flesh instead of my ways.  You have diluted it until it has no taste.


Time and time again, I have revealed my glory that shines brighter than the sun, but time and time again you have turned away from it.  You have despised it and worshipped your flesh and your own man-made treasures instead of me.  You have basked in it only to gaze upon your own tan.


How long?  How long should my patience linger?  How long should I wait and have mercy?


My wrath is coming upon your land.  A land that has been blessed, yet rejects the hand that gave it.  You have brought these things upon your own heads.  You have chosen to forget what history has proven over and over again; time and time again.


I will bless only a land that holds fast to my ways.  You have rejected me, so I have turned my face and no longer will my glory shine upon your land.


From sea to sea, my glory will no longer shine.  You will grope in the dark and wish you had listened.  You will hear only ringing in your ears and wish you had gazed upon my face.


Over and over again, I have pleaded.  Time and time again, I have cried.  But you would not listen.


copyright 2004 Heart For The World, Inc.