Turning of the Face

(September 4, 2004)


I woke up very early this morning with the sound like a boulder grinding very loud, but very slow.  Then I knew it was the mighty head of the Lord moving as my spirit began to hear the following words and I wrote them down...


Silence comes with the turning of the face.  I hear the deafening silence roaring in my ears... His face, turning, turning away.


Oh how profound.  Oh how devastating.  Oh how monumental.  Oh how sad for those that inhabit this land.  How late is the time?  How far is the turn?  What time is it?  How late is the hour?  What now can be done?  How wide is the gap?


I hear the weeping.  I hear weeping after the roaring silence of the turn.  The light is gone.  No more to shine.  Is there hope of even a flicker left?  Is there hope of a re-turn?  What time is it?  How soon, oh Lord, how soon?


Corruption fills the flask.  The wine has gone sour... contaminated and unpalatable for thirsty souls.  The earth is filled with the rage of the destroyer... leading men astray.  Through trickery and cunning, the prosecuting attorney bellows against the bride.


The bride is drooping.  Her crown has tilted over and she has given way to the unrelenting pressures of the tempter.  His laughter fills the air.  For she has faltered in the mist of his venomous breath. 


She has forgotten her jewels... the treasures that keep her strong and valiant.  Wounded, she has become lusty and rancorous in her fear and anger.


I hear the silence roaring.  What time is it?


copyright 2004 Heart For The World, Inc.