The Storm, The Mighty Storm

(November 3, 2004)


Oh the storm, the mighty storm that has begun.  It's stirred up like a dust storm upon the sand that stings in the eyes.  It envelopes like a hurricane of locusts, devouring the fruit and every living crop in its mighty and vast path.


Oh the storm, oh the mighty storm that was brewing in the distant clouds is ready to touch the earth like a funnel, reaching down to control everything it can touch.  To move upon it's random, helpless prey.


Look up, look up and do not blink.  Watch, for the son is peaking through the dark sky.  The glory of the Lord is fast approaching, calling for the sons of God... beckoning His inheritance, His treasure, His bride.


Do not look back.  Do not cry and mourn, but weep with joy.  Your salvation is peaking like the sun through the dark clouds... parting by the authority of her voice of anticipation.


Revealed are the sons of man upon the earth, for their judgments have come and all eyes are on the rider and His horse.


All will relinquish their rights.  In awe of the fear that strikes at the core of each heart, all will worship the Lord, coming at the trumpet blast and on a cloud of glory.


Come, come to the banquet table all who have the seal, the mark of God upon their very heads.  Come to where there are no more storms.


copyright 2004 Heart For The World, Inc.