Rise Up, Woman of God!

June 26, 2002



           Rise up, woman of God!

           Woe to your traitors and those who betray you!

           They will be destroyed.

           You have longed for the Lord!

           He is your strength and salvation!  He is your defense!

           He will rise and scatter your enemies and plunder their harvest.

           For the Lord is exalted and dwells on the heights.

           He will fill you with everything good and be the

                      sure foundation, rich storehouse, and the wisdom you need.

           The fear of the Lord is the key!


           Even your brave enemies will weep and be despised.

           They will be ashamed and wither as they no longer bear fruit.


           Now, rise up, woman of God!

           The Lord is exalted and lifted up!

           Acknowledge His power. His breath is a consuming fire.

           Sinners tremble in terror at His presence. 

           Who can dwell with everlasting burning.

           He who walks uprightly and speaks what is right,

                      Who rejects selfish gain and bribes…

           He who shuts his eyes from meditating on and contemplating evil…

           He will dwell on the heights with the Lord.


           Rise up, woman of God! 

           The mountain of the Lord is your fortress…

           Bread and water will not fail to be supplied!

           The arrogant, who lived in the towers, will be seen no more.

           They will barely be a memory.

           Zion will be filled with festivals of praise, a tent of peace

                      Who’s stakes will never be pulled up.

           Like a place of broad rivers, the Lord is your Mighty One, Judge,

                      King and Savior.

           He sees your sins no more, and you will dwell with Him on the heights.


           Rise up, woman of God!


copyright 2002 Heart For The World, Inc.