The Blind Baby

April 23, 1997



        Just as baby Gabrielle is blind, so are my people blind to what is coming upon this land.  If my children would cry out to me and grieve for the sins of their land and pour out their hearts before me with great rivers of mourning, I would open their blind eyes to see and their deaf ears to hear what the spirit of God is saying.


        But my sons and daughters gorge themselves on the feasts of my blessings, but have forgotten to seek me and sit at my throne and do my will.  Weep and wail that I might open your blind eyes and put an end to your longing and save some from the Spirit of Fire and Judgment coming upon them.


        Put an end to your complacency!  Let your tears gush like a fountain of life so that I may gush forth my Spirit upon the earth.


copyright 1997 Heart For The World, Inc.