Word to Nashville, Tennessee

July 28, 1998



Yes, and Amen!  The Lord's righteous anger will move swiftly upon His entrance to the city to rectify the perversion within.  He will hold accountable those who have oppressed the poor in spirit, those who bear His name yet defile it, and those who tolerate the abominations and lead others astray in so doing.  And just as He had no fear of acceptance at his triumphal entrance to the Holy City and tore down the strongholds and exposed their exploitation in the temple, He will come with vengeance to deliver the oppressed.  And in a single day He will lay low the mountains and lift high the valleys.


Prepare, people of the Lord!  Repent and draw near to our God.  Be vigilant and fervent in your petitions.  Crave, long, grieve, mourn and seek the heart and mind of God.  Repent and come into the inner chambers of intimacy with the One True God, Elohim, who gives His glory to none other.  Yearn for His Word; let Him become your passion once again.  Lament for our city that it will turn to God before it's too late or adulterers and thieves will enter the kingdom ahead of you.  For you have been like a she-camel sniffing in the wind in your cravings but have forgotten your bridal wedding ornaments to your own shame and dismay!


Prepare, people of the Lord!  Fill your lamps!  Fill your lamps!  Fill your lamps!  Watch and Pray!  The harvest of souls and the harvest of judgment are at your door!  Reap with joy and rejoice.  Cry out for the souls of men!  Be ferocious fighters yet wise and gentle lambs.  One pang, two pangs, three, and the trumpet and the white horse...rejoice for the time is soon upon us!  Dance, weep, sing, laugh, be a pure bride, shining, waiting, dressed and ready to consummate the wedding day!  It will follow on the heels like a dog.


Listen!  Listen carefully!  The Lord sent a whirlwind, a wonder of the heavens and the glory of God, upon your city...a wake up call!  But you are still sleeping.  Like the father and husband of his household turns over in bed at the sound of an alarm, so my people are responding to the sirens of the spirit.  Listen, sit at the throne of the Father and Son of the heavens, or you will escape only with your life and He will rip the garments of honor from you and put the humble in your place.


Listen!  Listen, oh bride of the Lord!  He longs for you.  His passion is to restore you and all your inheritance.  Be ready!  Be waiting!  Be longing!  Be passionate!  Be fervent!  Intercede before God Almighty that His love and affection for His beloved and her pleadings would even curtail His judgments.  Come into His chambers!  Come into His chambers!  Come into His chambers!


copyright 1998 Heart For The World, Inc.