They Abandoned The Fear Of The Lord

(a word to some church leaders)

(March 24, 2004)


The children are lost.  They have no one to lead them.  Their leaders have broken off their yokes and torn off their bonds.  They abandoned the fear of the Lord to chase after their own fantasies and now the children are left with no blankets to warm them.  They are chilled and hungry, and Godís anger is rising.


What fortified city have you found that you so trust in?  What prostitute can fulfill what your heart yearns for?  Deception has tainted your taste buds and you no longer desire Godís pure Word or Spirit.  You have eyes, but do not see and ears but do not hear.  You have released your tongues to the winds of the flesh to speak without restraint and the fear of the Lord.  You have stuck your chest out in pride instead of sitting at Godís throne for His will and followed the whims of your uncleansed hearts.


Confusion, yes, confusion has come to your camp instead of the enemyís.  Your hearts are cold and hard and calloused from resisting Godís pleadings and wooing.  Your selfish ambitions and jealous anger has stirred up factions and dissensions like a tornado stirs up a dust storm.  And now no one can see through the debris.


The heart of God is broken.  He bought us with his own flesh and blood.  And we have abandoned His precious gifts for rubbish and stones.  If you do not turn back in the fear of the Lord and repent, your towers will fall and God will raise up mid-wives by His Spirit.  There are servants who will come from a distant land to care for the lost children if your stubborn, belligerent hearts will not break.  But you will forfeit the treasures God meant for you to possess and dogs will eat the finest cuisine that could have been yours.  Shut your mouths, be silent, and hear the Spirit of the Lord!


copyright 2004 Heart For The World, Inc.