She is Hot for Him

(September 28, 2005)



You say, "How could it be that God would bring these tragedies upon the earth?  How cruel!  How insidious!  God would not cause such devastation; such ruin.  We're in the age of mercy and grace.  God is a loving and compassionate Savior and His arms are open wide to all mankind."


Should God play the part of the battered housewife, who day after day, week after week, and even year after year enables the atrocities of man to linger and worsen?  Forgiving and cowering, she submits to the abuse, as her children scream for mercy.  She gives and gently loves, hoping he will change, extending every level of grace, yearning for him to come out of his drunken stupor, choosing to admit to his destructive ways.


No, God has said it is time.  His anger has risen to a boil.  He has heard the helpless screams of the children, crying out for mercy... someone to save them from their heinous plight.  God has heard the plea of the broken and oppressed, and their prayers have risen like incense into His nostrils and His fury burns.


Like a mother, He sweeps His children into His arms and flees.  He rescues even through death, for it has no sting for His own.  Like a mother, He defends the innocent, and brings retribution.  He has filed for His divorce to bring justice upon the earth.  His tears fill the land that He turns His face from.


Yes, the harvest of souls and His judgments are being birthed upon the earth.  And in the heavens, His glory shines from the testimony of His bride.  She is hot for Him.  Her heart pounds with anticipation for the return of her intimate lover and friend.  She is watching.  She is waiting.  She is praying.  And she is ready.


He is calling... calling, "Who will repent, turn, and follow me?  Come!  Come to the banquet table!  Come away, my love, with me!"



copyright 2005 Heart For The World, Inc.