Seeing the Seeking

(February 19, 2009)



        He is seeing the seeking

        Never Fear

        He hides you in the shadow of His wings

        You are the apple of His eye

        The son/daughter that cries daddy... and you are NOT forgotten!

        Can a mother forget the baby at her breast

        Neither will God your Father leave or forsake you

        He is seeing the seeking

        His answer is near

        Never give up

        Never give in

        His faithful love and His abundant compassion will swoop you up into His merciful arms.

        You have cried to Him like a child, "Abba, Daddy"!

        He hears your cries

        All those around you will reap the overflow from your childlike prayers.

        Keep nursing at My breast dear and precious ones.

        I have heard your cries and

        I WILL answer!


copyright 2009  Heart For The World, Inc.