I Hear a Sound

(June 13, 2008)



        I see hope in the sunrise... a new day is dawning.  After the winter of silence, the ice melts and birds perch on budding tree limbs.


        I hear a sound, a sound, a beautiful sound.  Birds chirping their own creation sound.  It's the sound of renewal of life to the dormant and a vision of springs revived in the desert.  Revival and judgement... the pure and perfect love of a perfect Father with a love that longs to be gracious and compassionate but has been waiting, waiting, waiting for a willing heart to received with patience the Word of the Lord.


        Finding the lowest, the despised, He will manifest there His wonderful glory, His gravity, and breadth of presence.  Only the contrite and broken will see His face.  They will die only to be raised to the likeness of Christ in all ways as co-heirs of God's promises.


        But beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.  They will tear your clothes to pieces unless you exchange your garments for Jesus' garments.  Though death may result, no fire, rain, wind, demon, man or even death will have power over you - for Satan is defeated and it is finished!  Selah!


copyright 2008  Heart For The World, Inc.