Spiritual Avalanches

January 14, 1999



        There will be a series of spiritual avalanches to the body of Christ through the remainder of this season of preparation…. Avalanches of cleansing, revelation, and blessings from the last year (of 3) of the Year of Jubilee.


        As the warming of the spring season of the Spirit comes, hearts will melt from fear, and hardened hearts will soften.  The warm spring rain will bear new buds of born again souls.  Pick the fruit, prepare to pick the fruit, it will fall… catch it!  Run, leap, laugh, but don't miss it.  Get ready!  Get in shape - body, mind and soul.  Be vigilant and obedient to the Holy Spirit.  Listen.  Obey.  Listen.  Follow.  Discern.  Be careful.


        When thawing takes place under the snow and glacier's surface, it is not evident to the physical eyes.  So it is with the spiritual thawing in the hearts of mankind.  The prayers, oh, all the prayers that have gone forth.


        Do not fear.  Put your trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Do not be deceived by wonders.  They are only a confirmation of my Word.  False prophets will come, but my Word will last forever.

        The wind has been blowing, blowing down mounds of dry snow.  Now comes the undercurrent of a new season.  Jump in and ride & flow in the Spirit of the Living God.  Give life to all the souls I've placed in your path.  I will reveal myself through each tremor of my Spirit I have ordained.


copyright 1999 Heart For The World, Inc.