The Bones

(July 24, 2004)



The bones, yes, I hear the bones, I hear the bones rattling.  Wake-up and arise people of God!  Your time is short, yes, one, two, three, in the blink of an eye.  Breathe in the fresh breath of God to revive yourself.


One step, yes, one step away, one step away from losing the fight you have been fighting.  The battle is fierce, yes, it is fierce and raging.  Step one, two, three, yes, step into your victory in the name of the Lord God almighty.


Cover each other, cover another and do not sleep.  Wake up, I say, arise and breathe in the fresh breath of God to revive yourself for this hour... empowered for this very hour in time.


Look, yes, look to the skies.  Do not turn to the right or the left.  Pierce through the darkness with the beam of the light of life.  Set your face like a flint, no turning back.


Run, yes, run like deer... run in unity.  As the sand caves in beneath your feet, you will fly, yes, fly like the eagles... smelling the fresh air of faith that makes you soar above the earth... far above the earth and even farther above the demons of hell that torment.


No, you will not fail.  Though you may stumble, you will not utterly fall.  By God's outstretched arm and righteous right hand you will be air-born.  Reborn from the atmosphere of faith you breathe.

I hear the bones, they are rattling.

copyright 2004 Heart For The World, Inc.