False Faces

August 25, 2002



The Lord spoke to my heart today and told me to go to Church Wednesday night without make-up on.  Because I rarely ever go out in public this way, I wanted God to confirm this prophetic, symbolic act.  It seemed that God wanted me to express in the physical what He wants the Church of America to see.


My heart was deeply grieved as I pondered the many faces the church has put on.  God seemed to be speaking to me His sadness that the church has too many faces.  He was saying that the American Church has become so good at putting on "False Faces" that we can no longer detect reality.


As I prayed for a confirmation of this prophetic, symbolic act, God deepened my understanding of His burden for the American Church regarding these "False Faces". Individually and corporately, "False Faces" are rampant in the Church. 


Then, Tuesday night I received a phone call from another prophetic intercessor in the city of Nashville that has had a heart for not only revival in the churches of Nashville, but our country as a whole.  Then the confirmation came.  Apparently this is a message God has been speaking already, and He wants us to better understand and intercede over this.  In one of the recent prophetic conferences held, a call was put out to all the women to come to the next day of meetings without make-up on.  It was a prophetic, symbolic act to emphasize what God wanted to express.  So, that next day, all the women came with no make-up.  God proceeded to speak deeply to their hearts.


Hearing about this confirmed the call I heard from the Lord.  This is what the Holy Spirit had me write down regarding "False Faces" in the church…


        The church has many faces - too many faces.  Prophecy to the "False Faces" to fall off!


        Prophecy to break the power of false judgments over pure hearted beauty and break the powers of captivation over "False Faces" of the church.  "False Faces" cause deception.  No truth abides behind "False Faces".  "False Faces" hide and tolerate sin.  "False Faces" are used to exploit and prostitute.  "False Faces" create pride and security in a false foundation.  "False Faces" create a false identity!  "False Faces" perpetuate cynicism and distrust. 


        "False Faces" counterfeit real beauty and bring confusion and distraction from pure-hearted beauty that is birthed in the Spirit.  "False Faces" judge the truly "Godly Faces" and accuse them of impure motives, because they can not comprehend a wholesome spirit.  The "False Faces" despise and are threatened by the "Godly faces".

Godly eyes see "False Faces"!


copyright 2002 Heart For The World, Inc.