Rain On Your Vineyards

March 22, 1999



        People of God, run to me.  Pursue me fervently, passionately, and I will rain upon you and your vineyards.  You will eat of the fruit of your own vines that I have caused to bear fruit.  It is not of your own doing.  For I am God Almighty!


        I am a devouring fire that goes ahead of every one of my treasured possessions, as you run to me, I will run ahead of you and chase your enemies down.  Trust in me alone, not in yourselves.


        I am the one that works salvation and life for my chosen people.  Your righteousness is dung.  I will work my righteous acts through you to bless you and all the Nations of the earth.  Then the world cannot deny that I AM the Lord who is good.


        Walk on the water.  And don't look down.  Show me abandoned love and see what my jealous love will perform as a display of my glory.  I will manifest myself.  But I will NOT be mocked.


        Be careful to come to ME, talk to ME, depend on ME.  Others may fail you.  Others may misguide you or scorn you, but I will speak if you obey.  Depend on ME, but when I speak, you MUST trust and obey or I will shut your ears and close your eyes and no food will flow from your lips.

        Fear me.  Set your face like a flint.  Be bold.  Be humble.  Empty yourself before me and I will fill you.  And you will be a mouthpiece and lighthouse… a stream gushing in the desert… a healing balm and a haven… a nurturing mother and a sending center.  You will be amazed at what I will do before you.

copyright 1999 Heart For The World, Inc.