The Lion Has Roared

(September 19, 2005)



Who, who is the Lord, who is the Lord God Almighty?  Is it not He that causes the storms?  Is it not the Lord that creates the wind?  Is it not the Lord God Almighty that calls the waters from the deep and pours them out over the Land?


Who, who is man, who is man to tell God what God should do?  Is God not the creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them?  Should God rest in the heavens and lounge just as man lavishly sprawls in the midst of the earth's wickedness?


Who are you, oh man, to talk back to God and shake your fist when you have shut the mouths of God's servants?  Who are you, oh man; you who shed innocent blood and despise the truth?


The lion has roared with his hot breath.  You who misuse and profane God's name, God will not be mocked.  You put words in the mouth of the Lord and oppress the righteous; then you sit in your pious towers and empathize with yourselves.  But you only stir up your own wrath while you justify your neglect and accept another bribe for a piece of silver.  Your lips drip honey to cover the deceit of your heart.


The storms, oh, the storms!  Oh how profound, oh how devastating!  And now, man will rise up against man.  And then comes the Day of the Lord.


Seek the Lord, people.  Seek the Lord and live.  Seek the Lord, and you will find Him.  He will rescue you from all your troubles.  The Lord God Almighty is His name, the One True God.  He will be your refuge and salvation in the Day of the Lord.


Let the prideful tremble and mourn, perhaps the Lord will have mercy.  The Day of the Lord comes swiftly, and then there will not be even a flicker of daylight.  The groom is coming for his beloved bride.  Seek Him while He may be found.  For the Lord knows His own, and He will never leave you or forsake you!


copyright 2005 Heart For The World, Inc.