Prophecy to America

(August 25, 2009)



        Your sins overflow like Niagra Falls, causing a mist to cover your eyes.  The time has come that your blindness, negligence, as well as willful disobedience, even with brazen boldness, has led you astray.


        Your enemies are within you, so within you your enemies will rise up inside your very borders.  Oh the agony and shame you will bear.


        Storms will sweep from sea to seas and your feet will tremble.  You have lost your bearings from the things that made you great.  Your eyes grew haughty, and pride filled your breast.  You took credit for your own success which the Lord of glory alone is due.  You boasted in the glory of man and gave glory to yourself.


        Arise people of God and prepare, for your time is short and the Harvest and Judgment have come upon you.  Be ready.  The days are numbered 1-2-3 and I am coming swiftly.  Stand in the gap and swing your incense.  Labor on your knees and then speak the Good News with your mouth.  Proclaim that "The Day of the Lord" is near.  Oh, it is near!


        I have told you this so that you would know when the time comes.  The Harvest and Judgment are upon you even now.


copyright 2009  Heart For The World, Inc.