Vision of the American Church

November 10, 1996



        I saw the American Church.  It was a fat, old, spoiled, grouchy, sleeping man.  I saw in a bed inside a house sleeping & snoring, but restless.  I saw a woman, probably his wife, symbolizing the prophets, continuing to come, and prodding the grouchy old man to wake up.  Every time she came and spoke out, urging him to wake up, he lazily turned over and soon began to react with irritation and pushed her away. 


        Each time she came, she became more earnest and each time she did, he became more irritated and soon pulled the pillow over his head, lazy and angry that he had any responsibilities waiting his attention.  Then I saw a warning impression of what is coming if the man doesn't get up and tend to his day and calling. 

        I saw his house catch on fire.  Then his wife came urgently to awake the man crying out "Our house is on fire! Wake-up! Come on! Get up! Fire! Fire!  Wake up!"  The man sat up and saw the impending doom and panicked, jumped out of bed, slipping his pants on as he ran down the stairs.  He barely made it out in time before he was enveloped by the flames that consumed his entire house, all his belongings, and even some of his very own family.  Though he escaped the flames, he did it by a thread of time... by the skin of his teeth, but he lost everything else but his life.

copyright 1996 Heart For The World, Inc.