The Goblet

February 21, 1999



        I am preparing to take away the goblet that has made America stagger and stumble.  I will defend you, for the prayers of my people have reached my ears.  My severe mercy is for your good, and I will give the goblet to the enemies and tormentors of my people.


        I will restore my servants and ministers, who have been trampled.  So arise, people of God, and wear your royal robes of honor without fear.  NO FEAR!  Wear your robes with strength, dignity and boldness.  Come out from bondage and be free.  Run with the good news.  Proclaim it with peace and say to the nations, "Your God reigns!"  Sing the songs of joy as you see the heavens open and pour forth its bounty.


        I will deliver you with my outstretched arm and righteous right hand.  I will lay bare my holy arm for all the nations to see.  And I will go before you and be your rear guard.  I will silence kings and queens.  Princes will shut their mouths in your presence, for what they were not told, they will see; and what they have not heard, they will understand.  For it is I who answer you when you call, and I will pour out upon you my Spirit of wisdom and revelation.


        Set your face like a flint.  Run two by two without turning back.  Who has lied to you and told you my arm is too short?  I say, set your face like a flint and run with fury and passion.  No, no, no, don't look back!  For those who hope in me alone will not be disappointed.


        Set free your vision.  Open wide your boundaries to the North, South, East, and West.  Set them and I will stretch them even farther.  Open your gates and get ready.



copyright 1999 Heart For The World, Inc.