Instructions to Believers

December 23, 2003



 I woke up at 3:00 AM with seven verses I knew I had to write down.  The Lord was giving me seven things that believers need to do in this very last hour of the last days.  It came as a sense of exhortation as well as warning to not be asleep, but always watchful and fully aware.


The verse references were not familiar to me to my recollection.  I didnít know what they said until I looked them up.  But the verses and passages surrounding them made Godís message clear to me.  I knew within minutes what the Lord wanted us to be aware of, so I wrote each of seven points down.  This is what I believe the Lord was saying:


1)     Isaiah 51:7  -  Do not fear or be terrified by reproach or insults.  Vindication is coming to the true believers.


2)     I Corinthians 10:17  -  Live by the Spirit.  Do what is beneficial and constructive for each other.  We are all one.  Drink the cup of unity, not of demons.


3)     John 4:7  -  Respond to Jesusí call.  Ask Jesus for His living water so you will never thirst.


4)     Galatians 2:1  -  Endure the training.  Like Paul waited 14 years, persevere and you will reap!


5)     Joel 3:8  -  Prepare for war, judgment, and the harvest!  Your enemy will lose their inheritance.  The nations will be judged. 


6)     Hosea 2:20  -  Betrothal to Jesus is soon.  The marriage of the Lamb and His bride are coming.


7)     Isaiah 40:1  -  There is comfort.  God speaks comfort to His people as they usher in and prepare the way for the presence and glory of God.


 I also became overwhelmed with something the Lord had made me aware of 14 years ago.  He reminded me that there are four elements or phases in the end of the last days.  These four things come in order, but work together overlapping in waves of the Spirit!  All four take place simultaneously, but also come in order like throbs over and over again.  This is the age weíre in:


           Warfare, Worship, Revival, Restoration


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