Wellspring Bible Classes

Wellspring Bible Classes are held in the Harmony Loft inside the Heart For The World Outreach Center at Wellspring Acres just outside of Nashville, TN.  Training is set up periodically (usually in 6 to 8 weekly sessions) and is designed for people who want more understanding of God's Word in their practical every day life as well as ministry for those that are part or full-time ministers.  These sessions encourage participants to a more fulfilling and fruitful walk with God as well as a greater effectiveness and accuracy in ministry.  Some are already in full-time ministry, and others are working full-time secular jobs, but all are blessed by God's Word and Spirit through these power-packed sessions.

Barbi, and her husband, Terry, have had a deep passion to nurture more individuals in their walk with God, inspiring many to grow in their knowledge of God's Word and power in God's Spirit.  These sessions are designed to develop Biblical literacy and leadership qualities that can enhance and nurture individuals in all areas of ministry as well.  Various topics are covered, including Spiritual Warfare, Family & Marriage, Body-life Principles, Worship & Praise, Spiritual Gifts, etc.

Barbi says, "It is my passion to see more people understand the Bible and know how to live out God's truths in practical everyday life - in our families, our marriages, our jobs, and at church.  We are in the last of 'The Last Days,' which Jesus said is the time that knowledge will increase and many will grow cold toward the Lord.  Even believers (those who are not well-grounded in the Word of God) will be deceived by the strategies and lies of the enemy.  We need more people who are discipled (learned) in the faith and can, in turn, disciple others.  But first, we have to understand the Word of God ourselves!"

The Harmony Loft is an intimate setting where Terry & Barbi can pass along Biblical truths in a personal and practical way to those that are hungry to learn.  Because of a lifetime of ministry around the world in many denominations, as well as a heritage of ministers in her family, Barbi has much to draw from in a well-rounded approach.  Having a practical world-view from life-long, world-wide outreach, she imparts vision and truth with great inspiration and passion for God, His Word, and God's people.

To learn more about Wellspring Bible Classes, you may write to:  Wellspring Ministerial Team, Prophecies For Today, PO Box 17247, Nashville, TN  37217-0247.


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