Personal Testimony



Traveling the world since I was a little girl has given me a love for all people.  But, even as a child I understood that just because I was surrounded with ministry and raised in a family of ministers, I wasn't automatically a Christian. 


It was the teaching, but mostly the example, of my parents that gave me a love for people and a desire to help them as well as a passion for Jesus and the desire to dedicate my whole life to Him.  The Holy Spirit convicted me of my need for Him at a very young age.  I was only 4 years old when I trusted in what Jesus Christ did through the cross and His resurrection, and received God's forgiveness for my sins.


I remember from my earliest recollections watching my mother weep and pray with people.  She always shared stories about the people after our times of ministry, consequently, it meant more to me and my siblings.  Caring about people's needs and spiritual condition and loving them was a way of life for us.  Inspiring people to turn to Jesus for the answers to their needs was what we labored for.  It was life and it was real and effective.


Ever since I was a child, I saw Jesus do miracles in people's lives.  Families were healed, people were delivered from bondage, and I would never have thought to question the reality of the Gospel message or God's power.  I saw it every day.


I remember feeling peer pressure in my teen years.  I was tempted like any other kid.  But my parents had taught me enough about the fear of the Lord that I would have never considered abandoning the Lord's will in my life unless I could prove He didn't exist.


So, when questions in my young heart became fierce, I decided to spend a whole year praying over specific things.  By the end of that year, God had answered all of these prayers... even the most detailed ones... in very intimate and miraculous ways.  I was completely sold on serving God after that special year when He showed His personal love and concern for me.


Even though this was a milestone in my life, I always knew from a young age that God called me to minister.  But many tests came my way.  After meeting my husband, we got married and soon went into full-time itinerant music ministry.  Being a singer, and using music to minister with Terry, the natural thing to do seemed to be to move to Nashville, Tennessee.  We had developed friends in the "Music Industry", and with songwriting and recording centralized here, we soon relocated.  God was blessing our ministry with many miracles and provisions.


It didn't take me long to realize the competition in the music business was intense and I didn't measure up to the talent and skill of many.  God had to break me of pride and self-sufficiency.  He brought me to the story of Moses and taught me why He got angry when Moses complained about his lack of speaking skills.  I had the same problem Moses had.  I was depending on my talents, not God's power. 


The Lord made it very clear that He had called me to minister not because of my skills or other people's opinions of me.  I had to obey Him and keep on ministering whether people liked me or not.  He gave me a boldness to serve Him in my weaknesses and showed me that His glory shines best that way.  I had new freedom to serve God.


I have had the awesome privilege of traveling with my husband and two (now teenage) sons in ministry all around the world.  I've learned to love the whole body of Christ and all the unique characteristics and strengths of every denomination, every unique quality of each nation I've been in, each culture, race, and gender.  God is not prejudice, He created all of us and the earth we live on.  He is not a legalist, He's a lover of His creation and a merciful and compassionate giver of all good things.  His Word and His Spirit are His gifts to His creation.  His love is His greatest character trait, in fact He IS love, and He shares it with all who seek Him to become more like Him.


Born in December of 1959, I'm now in my 40's.  Having seen and experienced much of the church around the world since a child, and having fellowshipped with ministers in over 6000 churches world-wide, I've developed a great passion for God's Word.


I recognize that it is Satan's greatest fear that the truth of God's Word would penetrate the earth.  In a Biblically illiterate society, and being in the age of apostasy, Satan will have His greatest "Hay Day".  Without a deep knowledge of God's truth, we can't fight the "deceiver" and all his schemes.  Lack of discipleship and training in God's Word will prove to be our greatest downfall in the Church and therefore America.


This is the passion and motivation behind Bible Studies held in the "Harmony Loft" in our ministry center on "Wellspring Acres" nestled in the hills east of Nashville.  God started planting the seeds in my heart many years ago that has birthed the ministries that spring from this property and the center our ministry supporters built and finished in 2003. God began by revealing the need in my very own life for a greater knowledge of His Word.


The Bible says, between it's own covers, that God's Word is powerful, living, active, and capable of dividing soul and spirit.  It exposes motives and contains the power to transform broken lives.  It gives light, brings life, reveals sin, and frees us from every type of bondage.  And Hosea is clear that we are destroyed from lack of knowledge.  God reveals His Word to us because of His gracious and compassionate love.  But it's up to us to read it, learn it, and, by the Holy Spirit's power, to live it out daily.


Through Bible training, seminars, and resources, my prayer is that I can make an in-depth impact on a few lives, one at a time that will multiply many times over.  My husband, Terry, and I, seem to have a unique call on our lives to encourage and inspire others to ministry.  My prayer is that through our efforts, a wildfire of God's Word and His power will spread across America as it is already doing in many other parts of the world.


Continuing the itinerant traveling schedule of ministry world-wide is also my passion as I have been privileged to minister in 34 countries world-wide.  As long as many are delivered, healed,  encouraged, saved, and changed, I am refreshed and revived to answer the call of God to all parts of this nation as well as the world.  God demands nothing less than our whole heart for the whole world (John 3:16).


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